About Healing Rocks

New To Healing Rocks?

If you are new to working with rocks, minerals and crystals as healing tools, Welcome! These wonderful stones are not only beautiful, they are useful. If this is a new arena for you, I would suggest beginning simply. What is your favorite color? Look at stones in that color range and go with what catches your eye. Working with healing stones uses lots of intuition. Intuition seems subtle at first; it’s one of those things where the more you play with it, the better you get. Messages and feelings at first seem a bit blurry, and we can doubt we are feeling or getting anything at all! Hang in there, and keep playing. I use play deliberately. Why not make it fun? It will go much quicker that way, and besides that, be enjoyable. What’s not to like about that?

Don’t have a favorite color? How about something that is up in your life? That can be a great place to begin. Look over the list of properties and see which topics jump out at you. Then go and look at those stones, and choose one that seems particularly appealing. Once your rock has arrived, spend a little time getting to know it. Sit quietly with your new stone and see what it has to say to you. Intuition often comes through as feelings, not words. So you might get a feeling of what you could do with your new friend, or a sense about the place it wants to be. If you are open to it, give your stone permission to help you, and to work with any other stones you might already have. Let your rock know what you are working on, how it can help you. If we don’t ask them and tell them what help we need, what are they supposed to do? Guess?

There are other approaches to take if you are new to this field. What some people like to do is to start with something simple, like a quartz crystal. Depends on what you want to use it for whether you choose a natural wand, large cluster, small cluster, or a medium size piece of multiple crystals, which is sometimes called a nest. Once you have made that choice, the next question is what color? Quartz comes in a variety of colors. The best known is clear. Amethyst is purple quartz. Citrine is yellow quartz. Yellow and purple quartz together is called ametrine. Rose quartz is…. You guessed it! Pink! Rose! See, you are learning so much already! OK, I am being goofy, but also serious. Most people do NOT know that amethyst, ametrine, citrine and rose quartz are all quartz. I didn’t. Not until I was in this business, and even then it still took me years to figure it out. Part of the purpose of this site is to help us all figure it out. And not just people who are new to this field and information. One of our goals at Healing Rocks is to do research with all kinds of people working with all kinds of rocks. Discoveries are being made daily about the healing properties of these lovely stones. I am very excited to be a part of all of this, and hope you are too! (For those of you experts who are reading the “just getting started” section, yes, I did leave out smoky quartz and cloudy quartz and included quartz and probably lots more. This is an introduction. I am seeking to not overwhelm. I’ve failed?  Already??  Sorry.)

Getting back on track, let’s say you’ve chosen a natural quartz clear wand. Once you’ve got it home, play with it. Experiment! Put it by your bed; see if it changes your dreams. Carry it in your pocket for a day. Was that day unusual? If you have pain, or discomfort, see if your wand makes a difference. If you are feeling tired and cranky, see if your wand can charge you up. Quartz is all about energy; experiment to see how your individual stone impacts you. After playing and checking things out on your own, read up on what others say about quartz. Once you have more information, compare what other sources say to your own experience. Then play some more.

Let your crystal know what you want from it, how you wish it to help you. Please be polite. Many cultures consider rocks and minerals living beings. A little respect never hurt anyone. Another technique people sometimes use is to ask the stone for help for a whole variety of things. Can you help me with money? How about true love? Any chance you can help me with my relationship with……? Some use pendulums, some use muscle testing, and some just go by feel to get an idea of the array that particular piece can help with. I have often been shocked at the willingness of these wonderful rocks to take on just about anything. They never disappoint me. Please understand, I take the long view. If I ask for help with pain and don’t wake up the next morning feeling fabulous, I don’t get mad at my stones! There is always some way in which they’ve helped me. Sometimes I don’t figure it out until much later!

There are all kinds of great books and resources on healing stones. I encourage people to experiment themselves first, and then read what everybody else says. There is lots of fabulous information not only out there, but here on our site. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best information we can. It is a work in progress; we are always adding more. The very best authority on what works best for you is you! Trust that wonderful intuition of yours. Find a way to get quiet and let the rocks speak to your heart. They will, if you ask them to. Sometimes it takes a while before we can hear clearly and consistently, but it does come with time and practice. It is easier for some than others. Don’t let that bother. We all have wonderful talents and gifts. The rocks are simply fabulous at helping us to find and refine those gifts. Have fun and stay light-hearted about the whole process. And remember, if you need help, we are here. We are happy to answer any question that we can. I am not personally a geologist or mineralogist; I’ve just had the wonderful good fortune to work with all kinds of fabulous rocks on many different projects and challenges, including my own health. (If you are curious about me personally, see the section on Melissa Morgan in the About Us section - that section coming soon.)

My final bit of advice is to jump in and do it! Every single person who is an expert about anything learned step by step. If this is something new to you, you have a whole amazing, beautiful new world to discover. It does not matter how long any of us have done anything; there is always more to learn and discover and share. Have fun!

About Cleansing

Cleansing is different than cleaning. Cleaning means to scrub, dust, polish or shine. Cleansing is about energy. When you cleanse your aura, you don't scrub it, you heal it using energy. Some people call this type of energy subtle energy. What is lovely about subtle energy is that for many of us it is anything but subtle! We've all had some experience of this. You walk into a room or a house and your strong inclination is to turn right around and walk out again. Often, there is nothing overtly wrong, it just FEELS bad. In my line of work, I'd say, get a black tourmaline quick and cleanse that place!

There are many ways to cleanse healing rocks.

One way is to physically clean them, often using running water. Some people like to take their healing rocks into the ocean and wash them there. Some have their rocks join them in the bath. Bach Flower remedies can be used to cleanse stones, especially Rescue Remedy. Sunlight and moonlight are also cleansing. If a stone is full of negative energy the combination of sunlight and moonlight can rid it of those energies. If a stone is particularly bad, bury it in the earth, and the earth will do the work. It helps to state your intention, i.e. “I'm putting my favorite rocks outside to be cleansed by the sun, the moon, and the earth. Please and thank you.” Healing rocks are big on permission; politeness never hurts.

My personal favorite for cleansing, and the technique I use for all the rocks I sell, is to offer them in meditation to the Earth Mother in the heart of the earth, and ask her to, “please remove all negatives, and enhance all positives, and to prepare this stone for its healing journey. Thank you.” I have had many lovely, enriching, heart-healing experiences using this method, and I highly recommend it.

Once cleansed, there are a number of things that can be done to keep the energy in your healing rocks clean and bright. Storing stones or jewelry in a cedar box keeps them clear and ready. Cedar boxes can be found in thrift and antique stores. I always keep a few extra around for buyers who are interested. To tell for sure if you have a real cedar box give it the sniff test—if it smells like cedar, it is!

Another useful tool in keeping healing rocks and jewelry energetically cleansed is to use a nest. A nest is usually a quartz of some type or another (clear, amethyst, or citrine) that is in a cluster and big enough to set jewelry or stones upon. You can program the nest by politely asking it to, “Please energetically clear and cleanse whatever is put upon you, thank you.” It is important to check your nest every once in a while to make sure it does not need cleansing itself! Again, be polite; give permission, and state intention. (This is what magic and manifesting is made of!)

How do you tell if a particular stone or piece of jewelry needs cleansing?

Some stones in need will feel unusually heavy or cold. If you feel like putting on your jewelry makes you gain 10 pounds it's time for cleansing! Common sense is useful. If your stone was a gift from someone who is now angry with you, cleanse it! When in doubt, no stone was ever harmed by visiting with the Earth Mother in the heart of the earth.

Hematite and black tourmaline are two stones that do not need to be cleansed because they cleanse themselves. However, if I ask a black tourmaline or hematite to clear something particularly slimy, I'll still cleanse them afterwards.

Remember that healing rocks cannot help us with anything unless we give them permission to do so. I have been shocked at the increase in energy every time I remind my rocks and myself that they have my permission to help me with anything and everything.  I also encourage them to all work together, and they do, in ways I'm thrilled to watch.

I have been amazed at the willingness of the mineral kingdom to help humans with anything we ask for help with. The Native American tradition calls stones the “rock people.”  As my sensitivity, and ability to listen has increased, I am stunned by the generosity, strength, wisdom, and humor of these rock people. Use them with care, gentleness, and love, and anything you give to them will come back a thousand fold.  Co-create with them, and watch your world blossom.

About Charging

Charging is the act of energizing crystals, stones, rocks and minerals.

This process can be very specific, or general in nature. It all depends on how you want to use the items you've charged. For example, you've moved into a new home, and you want to have some extra energy guarding your doorways. Black tourmaline is the stone you've chosen to place on either side of the doorway, or in the corners of the room. Black tourmaline is protective by nature, as well as grounding, and a wonderful transmuter of negative energies. To charge the stones, hold them in hand or lap, and quiet the mind. After sitting quietly for a moment, gently ask the stones for the help needed. “Please guard this home against all negative influences and only allow positive energies in this room. I give you permission to work with the other rocks to help me and my family. Thank you.” Does this mean that no one will ever have an argument in that room? Probably not. Will the energy in the room be cleaner and brighter, and generally better? Yes. One of the many wonderful things about black tourmaline is that it is self-clearing, so the tourmalines will periodically clear themselves. If quartz was used for this same purpose, every once in a while it would be wise to clear the stones so used. (See About Cleansing)

Sometimes the process in the black tourmaline example could also be called “programming” the stone. The difference between programming and charging is a bit vague. Programming refers to asking the stones to do something very specific. Charging is more about general enhancement or energizing the natural properties of the stone. It's nice to use complementary minerals for individual purposes, protective stones for protection, abundant stones for prosperity, etc. Check out the descriptions of the individual rocks, or use one of the many resource books on the properties of healing rocks.

Charging can be done in a variety of ways.

Some use the sun, some the moon, some use saints, others use gods and goddesses. This is different than using the sun or moon for cleansing. When the sun or moon is used for charging, one imagines that energy filling up the stone. This can be done literally, with sunshine or moonshine, or figuratively, using the imagination, or meditation techniques. As always, be careful with crystals, especially crystal balls in sunlight, as they can start fires. Meditation is a great way to charge up stones, especially if you are working with many stones at the same time. An example of using gods and goddesses could be charging up a rock for the garden with nature spirit energy, or Pan. A fairy garden could have rocks with magical fairy energy. The limits are only in our imaginations.

It has struck me that working with rocks, crystals and minerals is a fabulous way to practice co-creation. I have never yet had a rock turn me down, no matter how outrageous, impossible, far-fetched or amazing the thing I have asked of it. The Rock People are some of the most of amazing and generous of the Earth's Teachers.

I wanted to say a bit about the process we use at healingrocks.info to charge up our products.

We do, of course, cleanse them first. Mostly, for that, we use the meditation that takes them into the heart of the earth. Not only do we ask the Earth Mother to cleanse these beautiful stones, but to bless and charge them as well. All of the rocks are also charged up using my big aquamarine, which I call my magic wand. You can click on the image at right for an enlargement.

Also used are a wide variety of meditation techniques, as well as sacred garden work. One of the wonderful things about this is that the rocks are charged collectively with each other. Thus, each stone gets a sprinkle of the energy of ALL the other stones. (Believe me, the stones you see on the website are the tip of the iceberg! I have a warehouse that is getting full! And I took the extra big space!) They all get the mega aquamarine magic wand. The rocks are also charged up with harp music. You can hear it if you listen real close! We've thought about having harp music available to you while you shop. Send us an email if you like that idea.

I'm not going to give away ALL my secrets of how healingrocks.info rocks are charged. I think I've said enough to give you some idea that it is a many-stepped process with all kinds of delightful goings-on. One other set of stones I'd like to mention that all our products get charged by are the many extraordinary specimens that are already in the very capable hands of the healers I work with regularly. I do some spectacular trades with gloriously talented folks. I'm extraordinarily blessed in this arena. The rocks are, too, because they get charged by their friends and healers! I just sent a new set off with one of my wonderful healer friends last week, and another is visiting this week. Send an email if you'd be interested in seeing photos of some of these amazing collections.

Charging and programming, like so much about magic, is about the will and the intent. Working with healing rocks, it is also about cooperation, collaboration, and best of all, co-creation. The joy of it all is that as we charge the rocks, we charge ourselves. As we co-create with the rocks, we re-create ourselves. How cool is that?

About Healing Rocks

Throughout time, stones have been considered sacred, from early amulets studded with amber and raw gems, to the Ancient Egyptians, with their love of lapis lazuli and carnelian, to China and its love of jade. Modern healers make use of many different stones, including crystals and raw or polished mineral specimens. Stones are revered for more than their beauty; they have properties that can be useful. Amethyst helps to open and heal the heart, as well as higher chakras. Onyx and obsidian are grounding stones, helping to keep the connection to the earth, as well as keep us in our bodies! Aquamarine soothes and heals. Aventurine helps with prosperity. The list is endless.

Quartz crystals were used in early radio and television, as connectors. Technology has moved on; the uses of quartz are still legion. Quartz is an amplifier; it also holds a charge, which makes it one of the ideal crystals to program. Quartz comes in many forms, all with different attributes. Drusy quartz is little tiny crystals of quartz, sometimes so tiny they are hard to see, until the sun strikes the rock and it glitters like magic. Both citrine and amethyst are part of the quartz family. Citrine is yellow or golden; amethyst is purple. There is even a quartz called ametrine, which is a combination of both purple and yellow.  In early European folklore, amethyst was supposed to protect from drunkenness and keep its wearer safe from poison.

The best way to find out how rocks work for you and what their properties are is to experiment. Pick up two different stones. Do they feel different to you, or the same?  Trade hands. Same? Different? Put them down and close your eyes and then pick them up again. Check your perceptions. Did your experience change with your eyes closed?  Sometimes we have to cut off one sense in order to perceive another. Play with this. Have fun. Let your own senses tell you which stones work for you and which are just nice to look at. Experiment at different times of the day, and when you are in various moods.  Just because a book says that a particular stone does a particular thing does not mean that is the end of the story. Trust your own senses and your own experience. 

Color is a kind of vibration. Many people love stones that are their favorite color. For example, people who love purple often love amethyst, charolite and sugilite. Those who love green resonate to jade, aventurine, amazonite, and seraphinite. This does not always match up exactly. Some who don't care for yellow may still love citrine and golden calcite and yellow selenite. It helps to keep an open mind. Rocks and crystals and minerals are much more than their most obvious color.

The topic of healing stones can be controversial. What works for one may not work for another; the same stone can feel and act in a different manner for a variety of people.  This is part of why it is worth the time investment to experiment for yourself, besides that it's fun! From my own experience, here's a few tips. Hematite and black tourmaline are great for absorbing negative or unwanted energy. I used to take what we called "hematite baths." This is where you lay down and spread a basket of small hematite pebbles (tumbled polished stones around 1/2 inch or less in diameter) all over. Lots end up falling to the floor, but that is OK. After 15-20 minutes take the rest of the pebbles off. It's a great quick energizer! It's also really fabulous if you have been somewhere where there is lots of negativity, like a hospital or funeral home. Quick hematite bath, then you're good to go! One hint, if you can, don't pick up the small tumbled stones right away; give them some time to clear. Both hematite and black tourmaline clear themselves, so you don't have to worry about doing anything to clean them energetically.

~Melissa Morgan